Online Counselling

Online counsellingOnline counselling is a new service offered by Dr Di to enable you to consult with her via Skype. She will be able to assist you with emotional, behavioural and relationship issues.

This service is designed for clients who are unable to physically reach Dr Di due to distance or illness.
IT DOES NOT REPLACE FACE TO FACE PSYCHOTHERAPY but serves a different purpose.
It will focus on counselling and offering opinions on different symptoms and emotional/relationship difficulties, of the client, after Dr Di has taken a full history and made an assessment of the problems. The history will be taken verbally to prevent any compromise of confidentiality over the internet.

Online Counselling should be useful to clients with:

  • Individual emotional issues
  • Childhood issues from the past
  • Behavioural/control issues
  • Psychosomatic problems
  • Social/relationship difficulties
  • Parental counselling and behaviour modification programmes

Some problems are best dealt with in-person and not online. Dr Di will advise clients whether she can assist them online when they send her their problem condensed into a few lines. (See registration form for this)

Clients who are experiencing a psychological emergency, or who are suicidal, should rather seek face to face intervention, if at all possible.

Pros of Online Counselling

  • Convenience: Even if you live in a remote place you can still consult with a registered and highly skilled psychologist.
  • Anonymity: Some clients may prefer not to be face to face with the therapist for the first session.

Cons of Online Counselling  versus  In-Person Therapy

  • Client may feel less emotionally 'supported by' the therapist due to lack of physical closeness.
  • The client's body language is lost for therapist to interpret.
  • Although unlikely, confidentiality could be compromised if someone intercepted the conversation. (The client is assured that all documentation kept by Dr Di from sessions would be secure and confidential).
  • Frustration may occur if the connection is poor or there are time delays for any reason  (However, Dr Di’s landline  (+27 (0)11 8034913) could then be used to complete the session).

By booking an online appointment you are giving Dr Di Shand your informed consent to work with you using Skype/FaceTime. This indicates that you have read her credentials and qualifications and deem her as qualified to assist you in your particular need.

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